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We are one of the largest college financial planning team in the bay area. Our team has been interviewed numerous times on radio on late stage college financial planning.  We provide two levels of service to the parents of high schooler: Filing Service and Financial Aid Tune-up Service.



  • REVIEW of the family information for accuracy.

  • ASSIST with obtaining Federal Student Aid username and password.

  • GATHERING of College(s) Aid Requirements.

  • FILING of the FAFSA per school as needed.

  • COLLECTION AND VERIFICATION of The Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Depart. Of Education. 

  • VERIFICATION: we will alert you if your student has been selected for verification.  Verification is essentially and audit of your financial aid information.

  • FILING of the CSS/Profile. This is much more difficult than FAFSA.

  • SPECIAL SITUATION: We assists in filing out the non-custodial documentation, if desired by the family.

  • INSTITUTIONAL FORM: There are a variety of supplemental forms that may be required.  Some are short and some are fairly involved. 

  • IDOC: WE assists in submitting the College Board’s Institutional Documentation Services to families.

  • TAX UPDATE: upon change with tax return, we assist you with updating the data accordingly.

  • IRS DRT (Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool): Many colleges require that the families verify their tax information by using the IRS DRT.      




  • REVEALING: strategies for reducing CLIENT out-of-pocket college costs

  • ADVISING: how to become eligible for more financial aid and grants

  • DETERMINE: which college savings option is the best suited for family

  • HELPING: information on school-based merit scholarships

  • PROVIDING: strategies that LEGALLY protect your savings & retirement accounts from the financial aid formulas.  We are here to help you in your efforts to send your student to the right college, for the right reasons and at the right price!





  • Understand: College goal with both parents and students

  • Customize: how we work together based on family needs and situations

  • Gather: walking thru the current financial position

  • Analyze: EFC Tune up options

  • Implement: with the best strategies

  • Review: reward letter, appeal if needed

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